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I've got this 57 page PDF I want to print so I can mark it up with colored pen and stuff.

But I don't want to print that many pages, so I think, "Hey, I'll print 2 per page, double sided, and it'll take up less space and only use 15 pieces of paper!"


I tell the print dialog box "print two up, odd pages only"

It spits out a bunch of paper.

Then I tell it "print two up, even pages only" Figuring I'll put the paper back in the printer, clean side up. But I do a test first with one piece of paper so I'll get the paper in the right direction.

"print two up, pages, even only, pages 1-4"

One page comes out. I note the orientation, and *almost* put the pre-printed pages back in the printer when I remember that this printer has a habbit of grabbing two pieces of paper at once occasionally, which would ruin the whole thing.

Fuckit, I'll just print them all on clean paper and colate them later.

"Print all the pages, two up, even only."

Out comes a stack of paper.

Then I realize that not only have I wasted time, I've wasted paper.

The first piece of paper of stack one has page 1 on the left, side, and page 3 on the right side. The second has 5 and 7. The third 9 and 11. The other stack of paper has 2 and 4, then 6 and 8, then 10
and 12.

Apparently "odd pages only" refers to the original document, and not "pages coming out of the printer"

"print all pages, two up"

That worked, but now I've used as much paper as if I'd just printed the whole thing single sided, one-up.


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